April 22, 2022

Quest Laid Plans Teaser

Quest Laid Plans is a D&D podcast about what comes after you’ve already saved the world once.

Episode one premieres on May 10 across all podcatcher platforms and YouTube.

Can an old party learn new tricks? 



Game Master:
Meghan Kelleher @meghankelleher3 

Maya S. Ming @mayascape
Neda Marie Valcheva @NedaMarie
Phil Arevalo @PhilAArevalo
Jesse B. Koehler @jb_koehler
Jamie Rose Hathaway @jamiedotrose

Creative Consultant:
Nicky Nenkov @nickynenkov

Character Artist:
Pamella Kokalova @pamellkaaa

Music: "Adventuring Guilt" copyright Meghan Kelleher, 2022. 



NORIAH: We won. But I think, in the time that’s passed, I’ve been dwelling on it a lot 

AVELINE: Because of losing maybe my closest friend 

WINSWIP: I couldn’t protect anybody, I couldn’t—

KIT: Theres obviously so much that’s happened 

ESTHER: The matriarch of my family has crumbled

KIT: Tried to start a business here, it didn’t go so well 

WINSWIP: ...take up jewelry crafting 

NORIAH: the spellcasting equivalent of Fight Club

AVELINE: I think I betray my family. 

NORIAH: traveled a bunch,

KIT: like, you know, across the sea a little bit 

WINSWIP: kinda isolated...

AVELINE: ...broadening my horizons.

ESTHER: see it all from like a birds eye view 

WINSWIP: I still wanna be that person but I can’t right now.

AVELINE: Maybe someone else can handle them, maybe it doesn’t have to be me.

ESTHER: Everything that i’ve been taught for sixteen years to be,

NORIAH: I didn’t want that path anymore 

KIT: Big crisis of faith.

ESTHER: What are the choices that I have made!

AVELINE: I didn’t have to burn everything to the ground 

KIT: Everything I did was a waste.

ESTHER: Just tell me what to do. 

NORIAH: ...reinvent myself.

WINSWIP: Must’ve unlocked some kind of ability.

KIT: It does increase Charisma, somehow.

NORIAH: Plus two to Intelligence.

AVELINE: Plus one spellcasting 

ESTHER: Driven

WINSWIP: Empathetic

NORIAH: Headstrong

AVELINE: Dogmatic

WINSWIP: A little… A little broken inside

KIT: Grounded

ESTHER: Instinctual 

NORIAH: Patient

KIT: Willful

AVELINE: Chaotic


WINSWIP: Wholesome™

KIT: Self-Assured

AVELINE: Gender Identity 

WINSWIP: Well. It’s been. Um. It’s been an interesting decade.