About Quest Laid Plans

This is not a story about saving the world. This is a story about what comes after.

Quest Laid Plans is a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast that tells the story of a group of heroes as they come back together a decade after saving the world to face a new threat. The story follows their reunion as they celebrate the anniversary of their victory and memorialize their losses, some of them for the first time in years.


Quest Laid Plans is an actual play show: you’re listening to a group of people play Dungeons & Dragons! The show also employs an original Tarot-based game known as The Last Ten Years, which is used to tell the heroes’ stories in the decade prior to the first episode, and which the podcast showcases in flashbacks throughout the season. Quest Laid Plans was conceived in 2021 by Meghan Kelleher and Neda Marie Valcheva and recorded in the latter part of that year. The first season of QLP premiered in May 2022 and is currently ongoing. 


Quest Laid Plans comes out every other Tuesday at 12 p.m. EST. You can listen to QLP on all podcatchers, on YouTube with full captions, or by accessing our RSS feed by following this link. Each episode is available with a transcript, which you can access on our website.


Here’s a minute-long trailer for QLP in audio format: Audioboom / Google Drive


Here’s the minute-long trailer for Quest Laid Plans in video format, including captions. 

Press Kit

You can download this Press Kit as a .ZIP file by following this link. The file includes this document in plain text, the trailers, cover and character art. 

Cast and Crew

Jamie Hathaway (they/them) as Aveline (she/they)
Jesse B. Koehler (he/him) as Esther (he/him)
Maya S. Ming (she/her) as Winswip (she/her)
Neda Marie Valcheva (they/them) as Noriah (she/her)
Phil Arevalo (he/him) as Kit (he/him)
Meghan Kelleher (she/her) as the Game Master

Production by Neda Marie Valcheva.
Direction and music by Meghan Kelleher.
Character art by Pamella Kokalova.
Consulting by Nicky Nenkov.


Character Art

You can access the character art for the podcast by following this link. If you share any of the art, please remember to credit our artist Pami, who you can find on Twitter as @pamellkaaa. 

Contact Us!

Website: https://www.questlaidplans.com/
Email: questlaidpod@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/questlaidplans/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/questlaidplans/
Youtube: http://questlaidplans.com/yt

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