I absolutely love the excellence of this amazingly well done podcast, story, actors ; it’s a performance meant for a great Triology and beyond. Thanks creative souls.🦋💫🌟

I would die for all of them <3

This is the perfectly paced adventure! The characters are all so compelling and the story telling keeps me wishing for more! New episodes are always a treat :)

Unique and High Quality!

I love Quest Laid Plans! I think the storyline is really unique and I'm always excited to hear about what shenanigans the party gets into next. I really love how they incorporate flashbacks to fill in the gaps and the tarot integration is really unique. Plus the overall quality is really top notch!

My first rpg podcast

I love the characters and the story but most of all I love seeing the collaborative story telling process unfold from this group of friends. Can't wait for more seasons!!

Best Laid Plans ,, perfecto

This was beyond satisfying ! The skill, the stories, the intelligence and such amazing wit and wisdoms ; I am so impressed and so eager for the next and beyond episodes. The actors, the technical “ stuff”, so professional at that concepts best . Such honest, vulnerable, intriguing characters. Ha! So good. This was my first intro into the world of D& D ; I’m hooked. I’d love for this story, saga, to become a movie, a novel series and it a stage play. I want to be at their “ career” fair; I want to be in the crowd hearing , maybe even having a beer with Esther . Thank you lovely QLP creators 🥰💫. I’ve now listened to Episode 2 , twice .. I like it so much ..This is a movie needing to be birthed ✨ I love this QLP podcast.; the unfolding story, the characters, the joy of the talented actors , and the music , so perfectly partnered with the energy and multi faceted wonderful adventures revealing themselves, ha! So good a listen and so easy to imagine . And oh the creak ! Great rollercoaster emotional ride , I felt tears at first creak. And eagerly await episode 3! And the movie or series , ha! Oh ,I do want to see the Sheba Huskie ( sorry about misspelling,🙃). .

Love this show!

This is one of the only actual play podcasts that sucked me in immediately. I’m always genuinely bummed when I finish an episode, I just want more!!

Very Good

This podcast balances good storytelling, cool characters, high production quality, and manageable episode length in a way a lot of other more established actual play podcast don’t. My only gripe is I wish it was weekly instead of biweekly, because I always want more on the off weeks! But I can dream, I suppose.

Great production Quality

So far a very captivating setup, excellent character development and great storytelling. Excited to see where this goes.

SO good!

Super well edited, extremely well developed characters, and lots of chemistry between the actors. If you’re looking for a DnD podcast with really legitimate acting chops, excellent production value, and a fully fleshed out world, this is it. Big crush on Jesse B Koehler

Best D&D debut ever

This first episode matches the quality of audio engineering and character development/story of most D&D podcasts in their 2+ years of running. Can’t wait to see where it goes!