Ten years ago, The Heroes of the Battle of Horizon Fall saved the world from a catastrophic evil.  Now, they’re returning to their guild to celebrate the anniversary of their victory and memorialize their losses, some of them for the first time in years. 

This is not a story about saving the world. This is a story about what comes after. 

Using a combination of homebrew long-term downtime mechanics and traditional D&D 5e, QLP follows our heroes as they’re forced to face what they’ve left behind in their greatest achievement, and flashes us back to the moments in the past decade that led them here.

With a diverse cast of passionate storytellers, Quest Laid Plans explores how young heroes face the rest of their adult lives in the wake of life-altering victory, and how friendships change as the people in them grow up. Our podcast tackles legacy, choice, change, moving on, and, in the face of a new threat, asks the question: 

Can an old party learn new tricks?

About the Hosts

Meghan KelleherProfile Photo

Meghan Kelleher

Composer / Director / GAME MASTER

Jack of all trades College of Satire bard. She co-hosts the Ice Tea Podcast and plays Ava on Eclipse. In her spare time she enjoys games, watching figure skating, and monetizing her hobbies.

Neda Marie ValchevaProfile Photo

Neda Marie Valcheva

Executive Producer / NORIAH

maker of theatre and unfixable creative messes across all mediums. They enjoy getting their hands dirty with complicated narratives, exciting collaborations and making sense of artists' schedules. Co-host of the Ice Tea Podcast and the Aviator on Crossing Wires.

Jamie HathawayProfile Photo

Jamie Hathaway


an Aries with a -1 to gender and resistance to cold damage. They love sled dogs, The Mountain Goats, and anything purple. QLP is their first podcast project.

Jesse B. KoehlerProfile Photo

Jesse B. Koehler


actor, playwright, and nourisher of theatre collaboration. He's 6ft tall on a good posture day, will regularly stand outside the dog park for a soul recharge, and often daydreams about breakfast burritos.

Maya S. MingProfile Photo

Maya S. Ming


lifelong speculative writer obsessed with TTRPG actual plays since 2017. Cut her teeth in the trenches of online RP forums and Neopets guilds. Never made it as a real theater kid, but gee, look at her now.

Phil ArevaloProfile Photo

Phil Arevalo


has dedicated his life to using microprocessors to figure out neat things about microbes. Although he's a proud father to a human and a frog, he has yet to meet a Bullywug.

Nicky NenkovProfile Photo

Nicky Nenkov

Creative Consultant

writer and translator across genres. Their love language is making their friends magic items and then trying to kill them. In their free time, they like to sit in the sun and think about stat blocks.

Pamella KokalovaProfile Photo

Pamella Kokalova

Character Artist

artist, avid roleplayer, and catboy aficionado.