Aug. 2, 2022

Episode 7: You Make A Choice

Episode 7: You Make A Choice
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The birds came from somewhere. There’s no time to plot. The party makes plans on the go.






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Game Master:
Meghan Kelleher @meghankelleher3 


Jamie Rose Hathaway @jamiedotrose
Jesse B. Koehler @jb_koehler
Maya S. Ming @mayascape
Neda Marie Valcheva @NedaMarie
Phil Arevalo @PhilAArevalo


Creative Consultant:
Nicky Nenkov @nickynenkov


Character Artist:
Pamella Kokalova @pamellkaaa


Music tracks featured in this episode:
“Reunion (Previously On Ver.)” by Meghan Kelleher
“Reunion (Quest Laid Plans Theme Song)” by Meghan Kelleher
“More Birds!!” by Meghan Kelleher
“The Last Ten Years” by Meghan Kelleher
"You Can't Kill Me" by Meghan Kelleher